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Two Brothers Who Really Love Their Air Guns.

Dr Airgun was founded by Phill Eversull and soon joined by his brother Aaron. Phill and Aaron grew up hunting, fishing, and shooting. They enjoyed the freedoms of being
raised in the country which shaped their ideology of the world around them. They had many fun adventures and greatly enjoyed their times together as brothers and friends.

Today, Phill and Aaron have gotten back together to form DR AirGun and to pass on their love of air-gunning and shooting to you. They have taken their PCP AirForce Airguns platforms to the next level with regulated air supplies, high flow shot valves, and 4500 PSI air tanks to maximize the performance and accuracy. Our regulators and shot valves create extremely accurate and duplicate shots for precision shooting both close in and especially at farther distances. You will be able to tune your gun to your needs and preferences.